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00:00:00 - Coming to Ypsilanti

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Partial Transcript: MARSHALL: [Now, brother], Johnny, uh, let me see, I am in the office of Mr. John Barfield, Barfield Manufacturing Company on Willow Street. This is Wednesday the 17th of June. John, where were you, uh, where were you born?

BARFIELD: I was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in 1927.

MARSHALL: Will you, ah, would, would you mind giving me the date, actual date that you were born?

Segment Synopsis: Mr. Barfield discusses with A.P. Marshall coming to Ypsilanti on the eve of World War Two with his family as his father moved from place to place looking for stable work.

Keywords: A.P. Marshall; Ainsworth St.; Barfield Manufacturing Company; Edgar Barfield; Gladys Barfield Tyree; Hawkins Street; John Barfield; Lena James Barfield; Metropolitan Baptist Church; S.L. Roberson; Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Washington, Pennsylvania; Willow Run bomber plant; Ypsilanti High School

Subjects: African Americans--Michigan--Ypsilanti--History. African American families.

00:06:08 - Going into business

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Partial Transcript: MARSHALL: Mm-hmm.

BARFIELD: So to supplement my income as a janitor at the University of Michigan, I took up residential cleaning. Eventually, we became the largest residential cleaning company this side of Detroit,

Segment Synopsis: Mr. Barfield details to Mr. Marshall how he got into the cleaning business from being a janitor at the University of Michigan. He retells of writing a book about business practice and his entrepreneurial relationship with some of the leading companies in the country.

Keywords: 124 W. Michigan Avenue; Barfield Building Maintenance Company; Barfield Cleaning Company; Barfield Manufacturing; Betty Barfield; Black business leaders; Fruehof Manufacturing Company; General Motors; Glen Grosbeck; John Barfield; National Association of Building Service Contractors; University of Michigan; Ypsilanti Savings Bank; “The Barfield Method of Building Maintenance”

Subjects: African American business enterprises.

00:15:27 - In the shadow of the Bomber Plant

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Partial Transcript: MARSHALL: Let’s go back a little bit. I’m interested in going back to the bomber plant. Do you, in, in, in, in, in your recollection, what do you remember about, the, uh, well, the actual employment now, your father worked on the bomber plant.

BARFIELD: Yeah, he worked on the building.

MARSHALL: Okay. After the building was completed, did he remain with them or did he move someplace else?

BARFIELD: No, my father was in the construction business.

Segment Synopsis: Mr. Marshall asks about his father's journey to Ypsilanti to work on the construction of the Bomber Plant in Willow Run. Mr. Barfield talks about his first jobs in the city. The conversation is cut short by a meeting in Mr. Barfield's office.

Keywords: "Ypsitucky"; Black hiring at Ford; Edgar Barfield; Great Migration; John Barfield; Red-lining in Ypsilanti; River Street; Willow Run Bomber Plant

Subjects: African Americans--Migrations--History--20th century. African Americans--Employment.