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00:00:00 - Going to Ypsilanti schools

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Partial Transcript: INGRAM: Okay, uh, as you know we're trying to, we're doing research on the roots of the black, the black man in Ypsilanti and we're interviewing all of the, uh, people, all the black people in Ypsilanti to find out where all the, all the, uh, history has occurred. Um, and I, we, we've chosen you because you've, uh, been a, a resident of Ypsilanti since 1904. Is that right? Um, could you tell me, um, how is it that you happened to move to Ypsilanti?

NEELY: [Why], uh, first of all [ ] lived out in the country out, out past Windsor. All the way past Windsor in the country.

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Neely, born in 1895, talks about coming to Ypsilanti as a child with her family and the schools she went to. She discusses getting her teacher's certificate from Michigan Normal (now Eastern Michigan University) but could not teach because of the lack of jobs for black women.

Keywords: Adams Street; Central School; First Ward Schools; Forest Avenue; Martha Neely; Michigan Normal College; Prospect School; Windsor, Ontario; Woodruff School; Ypsilanti, Michigan

Subjects: African American families. African Americans--Education--History--20th century.

00:07:30 - Memories of old Ypsilanti

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Partial Transcript: INGRAM: Do, did you, uh, what year did you get married?

NEELY: 1930.

INGRAM: 1930. Um, was your, uh, husband a resident of Ypsilanti?

NEELY: Uh, yes, he hadn’t lived here as long as I had. [He came to Ypsilanti] from North Carolina.

Segment Synopsis: While this segment is quite hard to hear and contains numerous breaks, Mrs Neely is asked about her children, husband, and various memories of Ypsilanti and going to school at Eastern Michigan University.

Keywords: African-American Ypsilanti; Brown Chapel AME; Charles Starks; Eastern Michigan University; Ford Motor Company; Forest Avenue; Harriet Street; Howard Neely; Huron Street; Martha Starks Neely; Sarah Brooks; Vincent Starks; Ypsilanti, Michigan

Subjects: African American families. African Americans--Education--History--20th century. African Americans--Michigan--Ypsilanti--History.