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00:00:00 - Introducing Versa's family

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Partial Transcript: MARSHALL:—do, is to establish—first of all, let me tell you what we’re doing with this. These of course are in addition to being my notes.

ROACH: Yeah.

MARSHALL: I am planning to put those in the historical society, in the historical commission, or in the historical archives.

ROACH: I hope you make sure they are correct, though.


ROACH: if you can.

Segment Synopsis: Vera details the names and birth dates of her children and gives her own family background of growing up in Dresden, Tennessee before coming to Ypsilanti as an adult in 1955.

Keywords: Brenda Yvonne Roach Williams; Callie King; Champaign, Illinois; Chicago, Illinois; Dresden, Tennessee; Ethel Mae Roach Osler; Fulton, Tennessee, Fulton, Kentucky; Joyce Annette Roach; L.C. Roach'; Louis Edward Roach; Louis Roach; Shirley Jean Roach Reed; Versa May Hamilton Roach; William Robert Hamilton.; Ypsilanti, Michigan

Subjects: African American families

00:08:40 - Disagreement over Ypsilanti history

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Partial Transcript: MARSHALL: Now, you got interested in, uh, well, it was just a natural interest, uh, you, you, you, when you got here, you got interested in the history of Ypsilanti.

ROACH: Well, I didn’t get interested in history, uh, when I first came.


ROACH: I got interested in, in history was when I have, uh, bought, before I bought the—I discovered something, after I bought this [piano] on the place, I discovered. Well, I, aw, I was working with some lawyers, a lawyer,


Segment Synopsis: Versa describes her difficulties with a property lawyer and her interests in Ypsilanti history sparked by the history of the deed on her house. She discusses how her property was passed to speculators in the beginning and wonders about its legality. A.P. Marshall and Mrs. Roach have a disagreement about Ypsilanti history.

Keywords: Augustus Woodward; Foster Fletcher; French Long Lots in Ypsilanti; Gabriel Godfroy; James Madison; John Murphy; Michigan French Claims; Mr. Wine; Vanzetti Hamilton; Ypsilanti Historical Archives; Ypsilanti Historical Society; Ypsilanti, Michigan; race real estate

Subjects: Lawyers. Real property

00:34:40 - Early African-American history of Ypsilanti

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Partial Transcript: ROACH: Well, see, all those deeds was in that abstract I had, all those deeds. [Whole bunch a papers someone a lend to] Mr. Woodruff, uh, oh, then I can’t think of all the names now, all names. [Sticks]. [Bacambrey]. Oh, just a lot of names. There’s a lot of—I tell you, somebody el—else a, was a, should be a big important part in this, in this history, in this city. The Francois.


ROACH: Francois should be.

MARSHALL: Yeah, but he didn’t come here until 1940.


Segment Synopsis: Versa and A.P. Marshall discuss the early history of African-American Ypsilanti and the first black residents of the city. A.P. Marshall discusses the story of the McCoy's family flight to freedom and life in Ypsilanti.

Keywords: "Old Black Sam"; Ann Arbor; Augustus Woodward; Canada; Day; Elijah McCoy; George McCoy, Mary McCoy; Great Migration; Herbert Francois; James Madison; John H. Fox; Louis Freeman; Louisiana; McAndrew family; Robert Morton; Underground Railroad; Valsine Francois; abolitionism in Ypsilanti; first black Ypsilantians; researching black history in Michigan

Subjects: African Americans--Michigan--Ypsilanti--History. Ypsilanti (Mich.)--History.