Hear the Stories of Ypsilantians

A.P. Marshall Oral History Project

This project chronicles the lives and struggles of Black Ypsilantians in their own words. Recorded by historian A.P. Marshall in the 1980s, these interviews span several generations and help to tell the rich and varied story of African-American Ypsilanti. Each discussion illuminates eras of profound social change and offers an intimate look into the social, home and political life of an historic Michigan community.

Ypsi Farmers & Gardeners Oral History Project

Listen to the oral histories of local Ypsi farmers and gardeners who share stories about how they got started growing food, what the impact of growing food has been for their families and communities, and what lessons they want others to learn from their experiences.

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Our Podcast: Ypsi Stories

Take a look into our community’s past. Featuring historians and experts, we aim to share more perspectives and voices from our past, so we, as a community, can have a better understanding of our collective past, present, and future! Look for a new podcast quarterly wherever you find your podcasts.

Ypsi Geneaology

This index contains abstracts of vital records formally published or referred to in articles in the Ypsilanti Commercial newspaper.