A.P. Marshall African American Oral History Archive

This project chronicles the lives and struggles of Black Ypsilantians in their own words. Recorded by historian A.P. Marshall in the 1980s, these interviews span several generations and help to tell the rich and varied story of African-American Ypsilanti. Each discussion illuminates eras of profound social change and offers an intimate look into the social, home and political life of an historic Michigan community.

Casette tapes along side a photograph of A.P. Marshall

A.P. Marshall

Historian and EMU Professor A.P. Marshall chronicled Ypsilanti’s black history. His work is the basis of this project.

Stack of cassette tapes with interview names on them.

Oral Histories

Listen to and read interviews recorded by A.P. Marshall with long-time African-American Ypsilanti residents.

Wall mural of female activists

Oral History Tour

This video captures memories of Ypsilanti’s South Side that were shared during a tour with five lifelong Ypsilanti residents.