Floyd Kersey

Floyd Kersey was born on November 14, 1915 to Arden and Edna (Roderick) Kersey in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Arden was the son of James H. Kersey, who along with his brother George, settled on First Avenue from Canada in the 1880s. Floyd married Geraldine Richardson and worked for years as a gas station attendant before getting work at Eastern Michigan University. While at EMU, Floyd became active in the American Federation of Federal State County and Municipal (AFSCME) Local 1666, eventually becoming president of the union. Floyd “Flick” Kersey was an avid baseball player in his younger days with the Ypsilanti Cubs. While with the Cubs, Floyd played many of the legendary Negro League ballplayers of the day. Mr. Kersey passed away on January 5, 1995 in Ypsilanti.