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This index contains abstracts of vital records formally published or referred to in articles in the Ypsilanti Commercial newspaper.

Here are things to know when using it:

  1. This is only an index. One should always look at the cited article on microfilm at the Whittaker Road branch for additional information. Most entries are curt but some may offer extensive biography and genealogy. One should also review several issues earlier and later than the event for references to the event.
  2. The articles in question are very prone to error in presentation and material fact. All names and dates presented in this index are as they appear in the newspaper. A great deal of care was spent on reproducing names accurately according to the text.
  3. It can be guaranteed that some vital records were missed. The intention of this project was to record the births, marriages, and deaths of the residents of Ypsilanti and its environs or with connections to the area. General national and state-wide records are not included here.
  4. If the date of the event is unclear the date of the newspaper article is used in its place.
  5. The Ypsilanti Commercial was for much of its run privately owned and reflected the population of subscribers. Most vital records of its area of coverage are not included in it. For instance, there were a large number of Irish Catholics working and living in town. It is very rare for them to appear in this paper. African-Americans fare a little better and are generally identified by “col.” for “colored”. The readership of the Ypsilanti Commercial were overwhelmingly white, Protestant, and Republican. That is who subscribed to it and whose interests were represented.
  6. Women and children are less visible in the paper than men, and so they may often be referred to as “his widow and children”, “his lovely wife”, “their bouncing baby boy”, etc.
  7. Whenever there were more relatives mentioned than there were database fields for them, we tried to cite those that gave the maximum coverage of both possible surnames and geographic area.
  8. If there were more than one article referring to a vital record we strove to present the one that had the most information.
  9. The researchers for this index were Jerome Drummond, Dr. Kathryn Ziegler, and Laura Jacks. They wish you Happy Hunting!
Name Event Event Date News Date Newspaper Page #
"Babyboy", Crippen Birth 06/07/1889 06/07/1889 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Mother: Crippen, Minnie
"Babyboy", Magraw Birth 02/10/1885 02/21/1885 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Father: Magraw, G.
"Babygirl", Kilenbeck Birth 05/26/1885 06/06/1885 Ypsilanti Commercial 4
Father: Kilenbeck, S. W.
"Babygirl", Bovee Birth 05/28/1885 06/06/1885 Ypsilanti Commercial 4
Father: Bovee, Fred
"Babygirl", Crippen Birth 06/07/1889 06/07/1889 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Father: Crippen, Philo
Abbey, Henry Monroe Death 12/11/1896 12/25/1896 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Wife: Simmons, Susan B. Father: Abbey, Henry Child: Day, Mrs. Harvey S.
Child: Hammond, Mrs. George
Abbot, (baby) Death 03/27/1888 04/06/1888 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Father: Abbot, Will
Abbott, "Babygirl" Birth 08/29/1890 08/29/1890 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Father: Abbott, William
Abbott, Albert Death 04/17/1892 04/22/1892 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Other: Abbott, William
Abbott, Susan Ann Death 06/07/1886 06/11/1886 Ypsilanti Commercial 7
Husband: Abbott, Audrain Other: Abbott, Robert Other: Audrain, James
Other: Beaubien, Richard Other: Campau, Edward Other: Campau, Peter
Abear, "Babyboy" Birth 10/25/1897 10/28/1897 Ypsilanti Commercial 3
Father: Abear, John
Abenethy, Mrs. Robert Death 06/11/1886 06/18/1886 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Aber, Maria Death 09/19/1882 03/17/1883 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Aber, Madrid Death 09/19/1882 09/23/1882 Ypsilanti Commercial 1
Aber, Aaron Death 05/08/1864 05/13/1864 Ypsilanti Commercial NULL
Aber, Charlie Death 03/15/1871 03/25/1871 Ypsilanti Commercial 3
Father: Aber, A. Mother: Aber
Aber, Aaron Death 03/08/1864 03/13/1864 Ypsilanti Commercial NULL
Acker, Lizzie Mrs. Death 12/07/1890 12/12/1890 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Husband: Acker, Henry
Acker, Lizzie Death 12/07/1890 12/19/1890 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Husband: Acker, Henry Father: Kirk, John
Acker, Henry Marriage 08/30/1889 08/30/1889 Ypsilanti Commercial 1
Wife: Kirk, Lizzie
Ackley, Revilo Death 04/05/1882 04/08/1882 Ypsilanti Commercial 1
Acton, William Marriage 12/18/1891 12/18/1891 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Wife: Hartmann, Liddie C.
Acton, Mrs. Alfred Death 01/21/1898 01/27/1898 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Adams, Phillip Marriage 08/26/1892 08/26/1892 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Wife: Schieferie, Mary
Adams, Epriam D. Marriage 06/16/1893 06/16/1893 Ypsilanti Commercial 4
Wife: Breakey, May S.
Adams, Charles Death 02/12/1882 02/18/1882 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Child: Adams, C. K.
Adams, "Babygirl" Death 01/08/1887 01/14/1887 Ypsilanti Commercial 4
Adams, Rufus Death 08/21/1887 08/26/1887 Ypsilanti Commercial 1
Other: Everhart
Addy, Smith Marriage 04/19/1881 04/23/1881 Ypsilanti Commercial 1
Wife: McCormac, Delia Eliza
Addy, Maude E. Death 10/16/1882 10/21/1882 Ypsilanti Commercial 1
Father: Addy, Smith Mother: Addy, Lila
Adsit, Mortimer S. Death 11/16/1888 11/16/1888 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Mother: Bunton, Mrs. David Other: Tripp, Mrs. William
Aiken, John H. Marriage 09/04/1891 09/04/1891 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Wife: Bush, Lula M.
Aiken, Fally Miller Death 11/21/1892 12/02/1892 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Husband: Aiken, Peter Child: Aiken, D. A. Child: Aiken, Julia
Aiken, Fanny T. Death 02/16/1880 03/20/1880 Ypsilanti Commercial 3
Husband: Rollo, Chester
Ainsworth, "Babygirl" Birth 07/01/1897 07/01/1897 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Father: Ainsworth, Albert
Alabaster, John Death 09/08/1887 09/16/1887 Ypsilanti Commercial 1
Alban, Charles F. Marriage 01/30/1891 01/30/1891 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Wife: Hunt, Augusta
Alban, Elias Death 07/19/1892 07/22/1892 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Alban, Walter A. Marriage 07/06/1894 07/06/1894 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Wife: Wallace, Mary M.
Alban, Charles Death 01/11/1895 01/18/1895 Ypsilanti Commercial 1
Child: Alban, George
Alban, Charles Death 10/18/1896 10/23/1896 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Alban, Chester Marriage 12/02/1896 12/04/1896 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Wife: Derbyshire, Olive Other: Derbyshire, Guerney
Alban, Martha Death 12/01/1896 12/11/1896 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Father: Alban, Charles W. Wife: Alban, Martha
Alban, Willie Death 03/20/1881 03/26/1881 Ypsilanti Commercial 3
Father: Alban, George Mother: Alban, Mary
Alban, George Marriage 11/18/1884 11/22/1884 Ypsilanti Commercial 1
Wife: Henderson, Ida Father: Henderson, W. S.
Alber, Michael Death 01/09/1897 01/15/1897 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Alber, J. A. Marriage 05/24/1887 05/27/1887 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Wife: Frank, Tina
Alber, Michael F. Marriage 04/11/1890 04/11/1890 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Wife: Luckhardt, Katie
Alber, James M. Jr. Marriage 12/11/1891 12/11/1891 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Wife: Schmidgall, Chritiaa
Alber, Andrew Marriage 01/15/1892 01/15/1892 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Wife: Farmer, Christina
Albright, John Marriage 03/05/1893 03/10/1893 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Wife: Reynolds, Jennie
Albright, John E. Marriage 03/10/1893 03/10/1893 Ypsilanti Commercial 4
Wife: Zeynolds, Alma May
Albright, Mrs. Death 12/05/1882 12/09/1882 Ypsilanti Commercial 1
Albro, Oliver Marriage 02/19/1892 02/19/1892 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Wife: Weinmann, Lena
Album, William Death 08/14/1869 Ypsilanti Commercial NULL
Alchen, Richard Death 02/08/1884 03/22/1884 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Aldrich, Hiram Death 07/18/1890 07/25/1890 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Child: Osband, Mrs.
Alexander, Mrs. G. W. Death 08/25/1890 08/29/1890 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Husband: Alexander, George W. Sibling: McDowell, Mrs. John
Alexander, Birdie Death 12/12/1890 12/19/1890 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Father: Alexander, Chester L. Mother: Alexander, Avis Grandparent: Stevens, W. C.
Alexander, Clay William Marriage 09/30/1892 09/30/1892 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Wife: Chalmers, Mary A.
Alexander, John D. Marriage 10/12/1892 10/14/1892 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Wife: Bannan, Lou Edeth
Alford, J. Marriage 09/22/1880 10/02/1880 Ypsilanti Commercial 1
Wife: Wygant, Josephene F.
Alger, Henry Marriage 07/06/1887 07/08/1887 Ypsilanti Commercial 1
Wife: Smalley, Mary
Allan, John Death 10/09/1894 10/19/1894 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Allen, Mary A. Death 04/18/1894 04/20/1894 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Allen, Robert L. Marriage 10/17/1894 10/26/1894 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Wife: McFall, Florence E.
Allen, Mrs. Death 12/25/1896 12/25/1896 Ypsilanti Commercial 1
Husband: Allen, A. M. Other: Allen, Capt.
Allen, Gilbert Death 12/22/1893 12/22/1893 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Mother: Allen, Mrs. Gilbert
Allen, Eliza Ann Death 02/05/1894 02/09/1894 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Husband: Allen, Justus Child: Allen, Mrs. Jerome
Allen, "Babyboy" Birth 01/13/1898 01/27/1898 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Father: Allen, Herbert
Allen, Hattie Death 08/04/1887 08/12/1887 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Father: Allen, Horace
Allen, Mary Death 11/11/1890 11/14/1890 Ypsilanti Commercial 4
Child: Galpin, Mrs. John Sibling: Forsyth, J. M. Sibling: Goldsmith, Mrs. A. H.
Sibling: Coquillard, Mrs. James
Allen, Fred Marriage 08/22/1891 09/11/1891 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Wife: Southworth, Effie
Allen, Ella Death 09/22/1886 10/08/1886 Ypsilanti Commercial 1
Grandparent: Allen, George
Allen, Gilbert Death 03/17/1880 09/18/1880 Ypsilanti Commercial 3
Allen, Mrs. Lenatus Death 02/05/1881 02/05/1881 Ypsilanti Commercial 3
Allen, Daisy Death 03/20/1883 03/31/1883 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Father: Allen, Frank Mother: Allen, Lemuel F.
Allen, Martha L. Death 12/08/1883 12/08/1883 Ypsilanti Commercial 1
Husband: Allen, George Child: Allen, Alford E.
Allen, Catherine Death 02/23/1886 03/05/1886 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Husband: Allen, S. G.
Allen, Catherine Death 02/23/1886 03/05/1886 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Husband: Allen, S. G.
Allen, E. E. Marriage 12/22/1873 12/27/1873 Ypsilanti Commercial 3
Wife: Brinkerhoff, Cora
Allen, Lemuel Death 04/08/1868 04/18/1868 Ypsilanti Commercial NULL
Allen, Hannah B. Death 06/01/1864 06/10/1864 Ypsilanti Commercial NULL
Allen, D. Webb Death 11/13/1877 11/17/1877 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Other: Stark, J. B.
Allen, Charity Death 12/29/1877 01/05/1878 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Husband: Allen, Moses Husband: Chandler, Jeremiah Father: Stewart, Abraham
Mother: Stewart, Hannah Sibling: Stewart, Cornelius Child: Chandler, N. P.
Allen, Hannah B. Death 06/01/1864 06/10/1864 Ypsilanti Commercial NULL
Father: Allen, William
Allen, William Death 04/20/1872 04/27/1872 Ypsilanti Commercial 3
Allen, Barker K. Marriage 06/03/1872 06/15/1872 Ypsilanti Commercial 3
Wife: Camburn, Emma J.
Allen, Walter Cushman Death 07/28/1872 08/03/1872 Ypsilanti Commercial 3
Father: Allen, Edward P. Mother: Allen, Clara E.
Allen, Will Death 10/21/1872 10/26/1872 Ypsilanti Commercial 3
Allen, Alfred E. Marriage 11/19/1872 11/23/1872 Ypsilanti Commercial 3
Wife: Fitzgibons, Margaret
Allen, Netta Death 01/12/1873 01/25/1873 Ypsilanti Commercial 3
Allerdyce, William Death 01/20/1881 01/22/1881 Ypsilanti Commercial 1
Father: Allerdyce, Alexander Sibling: Allerdyce, John
Allery, Clarence B. Marriage 09/26/1890 09/26/1890 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Wife: Rosier, Lottie B.
Alles, Mrs. Robert Death 01/11/1883 03/17/1883 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Alley, Mrs. Burton Death 02/11/1885 03/28/1885 Ypsilanti Commercial 5
Alley, Ellis D. Marriage 10/17/1890 10/17/1890 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Wife: Kelley, Flora B.
Alley, Fred S. Marriage 03/10/1893 03/10/1893 Ypsilanti Commercial 4
Wife: Smith, Ida M.
Allison, Thomas Marriage 01/13/1893 01/13/1893 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Wife: Matthews, Lizzie
Allmand, Henry B. Marriage 11/13/1891 11/13/1891 Ypsilanti Commercial 8
Wife: Schaible, Carrie