Ypsi Farmers & Gardeners Oral History Project

Omer Jean Winborn

Omer Jean Winborn, born in Ann Arbor and educated in the Ann Arbor public school system, including the historic Jones school and Ann Arbor (Pioneer) High School. Jean’s family came to Ann Arbor from Tennessee in the 1940s and her father and mother began exposing Jean to the importance of growing food for your own family and those around you. Jean obtained a bachelors in Foods in Business and Education (teaching certificate) from Eastern Michigan University and a Masters degree in Social Work from University of Michigan. Jean taught at Lincoln Consolidated and Grosse Pointe South High School, dedicating 24 years to being an educator, where she exercised the core value of feeding and sharing food with those around you, including her fellow teachers and students. Currently serving as the President of Fred Hart Williams Genealogical Society, she is a local expert in African American Genealogy, Jean is a mother, grandmother, Trustee for the Ypsilanti District Library, and a renowned Chocolate Chip cookie maker.


Jean Winborn

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Listen to the oral histories of local Ypsi farmers and gardeners who share stories about how they got started growing food, what the impact of growing food has been for their families and communities, and what lessons they want others to learn from their experiences.