Ypsi Farmers & Gardeners Oral History Project

Versel Jones

Versel Jones is a husband and father, who was born in Jackson, Mississippi and educated in the Mississippi public school district, moving to Washtenaw County in 1975. Versel worked for the city of Ypsilanti for 13 years as a Concrete finisher and as a truck driver for 27 years for the city of Ann Arbor, from which he retired in 2001. Versel has grown food almost all of his life, taught by his grandparents when he was just a young boy, Versel has always grown food on his own property and also grew food in the community where he lives to share with those around him. Currently, when Mr. Jones is not in the garden, he is very involved with his church and takes time to visit elders who live in nursing homes.
Portrait of Versel Jones

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Listen to the oral histories of local Ypsi farmers and gardeners who share stories about how they got started growing food, what the impact of growing food has been for their families and communities, and what lessons they want others to learn from their experiences.